About Us

healthyhorsesaddlery.co.uk is the online catalogue for Healthy Horse Physiotherapy & Saddlery Services 

Healthy Horse Physiotherapy & Saddlery Services is the trading name of Healthy Horse Physiotherapy Limited, a company registered in England and Wales

Company number 12295057

VAT No. 287389636

Healthy Horse Saddlery was created by Rachael Sivyer to address the whole too common problem of a badly fitting saddle and the problems that can ensue for the horse and rider.

Rachael’s career started 35 years ago in the stables of David Broom and took her into a journey of discovery marked by a deep love for the equine and the hunger for knowledge that characterises her ethos.

After working in private and competition yards for many years, Rachael went on to work in veterinary practice as diagnostic equine technician for over a decade.

Her resolve to really make a difference in the well being of the animal, has motivated Rachael to study and qualify as an Animal Physiotherapist and acquire an extensive knowledge of therapeutic techniques over a long period of work in the field.

The importance of a correctly fitted saddle and bridle was the motivation for her studies in this field and, since qualifying as a Saddle Fitting Consultant with MSFC, Rachael has gone on to address the numerous problems caused by poor fitting tack. Her combined knowledge in both fields and considerable experience working across the south east and beyond, have been instrumental in successfully resolving many issues.

Healthy Horse Saddlery is the result of her undying desire to improve the well being and performance of the horse and rider.